Hard Candies

Wrote this for an assignment when I was really upset but had to soldier on in life, ya know. Nobody had criticism for it – totally means it’s perfect, right? Right. Maybe if I stay sad all the time my writing will improve.

Hard Candies

     The jackolantern grimaced on the porch, a fire in its mouth. He had tried to carve a smile but it had turned out that way instead.
The doorbell chimed for the first time, and he descended the stairs, past the face down picture frame on the shelf he kept next to his 1964 Yankees World Series baseball.
He’d decorated the small glass windows on his front door with stick-on bats and witches riding broomsticks. He opened the door.
“Trick-or-treat!” said a dinosaur, a skeleton, a clown, and a frog. They reached into the bag of candy he offered, scuttling away after grabbing a handful and avoiding his eyes.
The bag was full of watermelon Jolly Ranchers. He always ate so many he used to worry his teeth might fall out, but he didn’t like the watermelon flavor. She did.
The doorbell again. This time it was a football player, a ghoul, a panda, a particularly unfortunate homemade Big-Bird, and a fairy princess.
The fairy princess was last. She was brave. She looked him right in the eyes.
“What are you supposed to be?” Her brown eyes made his heart twinge from remembering.
“I don’t know,” he said, and she grabbed the watermelon Jolly Ranchers and joined the football player and his team.
Trick after treat, and then then the candy was finally all gone. He turned out his porch light and the wind blew out the fire in the jackolantern. As he was getting ready to go to sleep he thought about the skeleton mask and the ghoul mask and looked in the mirror while brushing his teeth at the mask he could not take off.


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