Things I Can’t Say

Wrote this really fast because I was sitting next to someone who was getting a gift and I realized how awkward I am when I get one.

There are some things that other girls can say that I cannot.
Well, I can say them physically but they just do not come out right.
Phrases such as:
“That is a great idea!”
“I am so happy for you!”
“You look wonderful in that shirt!”
“Thank you, I really love it!”
They say them with red lipstick smiles and jingle bell laughs and are the life of the party. I say them and they fall flat, bricks tumbling from my mouth. So I stopped saying them.
I don’t know why I can’t say them without sounding like Tupperware.
But I feel them. I feel friendship and joy and sorrow to my core and maybe I can’t say those things because they’re stuck down inside me, glued to my heart.


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