Cozy Electricity

I know I created a whole poetry section for you know, poems, which is oh so surprisingly what you see below, but I wanted to post it here too. The phrase cozy electricity is totally not my own, I just really loved it. In one of my psych classes we were told to write a paragraph of what we think love feels like. We didn’t write our name on them. They all got handed out to random people and we held anonymous explanations of what people in our class think love is. And someone thought that, among other epicly poetic things, it felt like cozy electricity. So I’d like to credit this to that one random person who wrote cool things somewhere in my class of sixty people.

My first heartbreak was
diamonds shattering
I never thought it could happen.
Well they left splinters in my skin that remind me
I am not invincible.
the heartbreaks after that were hummingbird wings
A thousand little flickers a day
because before my heart was full of
cozy electricity
but all those moments that keep reminding me that
diamonds are hard
keep breaking me into pieces
a beautiful electrocution


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