Charged Tension

This is from last semester but I am feeling uninspired and I like this, so here we go.

Charged Tension

Jon stifled a laugh as he looked at his phone. According to a disgruntled status update, Ryan from cubicle twelve wasn’t at the office this morning because his roommate Ted had earned himself a concussion and needed to be driven to the emergency room. My idiot roommate was texting his girlfriend and walking at the same time, which is apparently difficult because he walked into the refrigerator and now has a concussion so bad he can barely count to two.
Jon’s boss walked past him, aka OCD Andy who called an emergency meeting every time one of his pencils wasn’t parallel to his desk. He clicked his phone shut so Andy didn’t see. Before the screen went blank, he saw the charge was still 99%. Jon felt refreshed. Ready.
He settled into his desk chair and booted up his laptop and his desktop, then checked his phone again for any new notifications. Nope. 94%.
He angled his chair just right so when he glanced up from his work to look thoughtfully into the distance, her really would be looking thoughtfully right at Kelly.
Kelly. Kelly worked with the PR department and had long legs and tilted her head to the right when she was listening to something interesting.
Today would be the day. There would be no more casually bumping into her at the water cooler – ok, maybe less casually and more of him waiting for her to get up and him meticulously plotting his movements so it would appear he casually ran into her. Every day. Yes, there would be no more of that. He would finally ask her out.
At their water cooler encounters she talked about how she liked to go on nature hikes, drive until she didn’t know where she was, and pick out faces in the clouds. He stuttered and tried to impress her by saying he learned to cook organic omelets online but he thought he was about as boring as a phone book. But she tilted her head to the right when listening.
She never checked her phone until she left for work at the end of the day. Jon checked his phone for the time. 88%. An hour had passed.
The more he thought about it the more anxious he got. She was wearing a red crochet cap that made her blue eyes look even brighter.
He was supposed to be answering e-mails but he couldn’t concentrate so unlocked his phone and googled how to ask a girl – google suggested the top three hits for him. How to ask a girl out, how to ask a girl to dinner, how to ask a girl out over text message.
The text message one was tempting but Kelly would probably take an entire two or three hours to answer. He was about to click Top 10 Surefire Ways to Get the Girl! but Hilda from accounting walked by so he put his phone down and pretended to write his e-mail. 71%.
He popped open the tab on his energy drink. Kelly got up to go to the water cooler and he could smell her pomegranate perfume. He stayed in his seat and searched google maps for dinner places. 65%. He’d ask her right after work.
He finished writing an entire e-mail so to reward himself he played a level of Plants vs. Zombies. But he couldn’t stop thinking how uncool his omelet story was so he googled how to deal with rejection. 39%.
The hours ticked by. 21%. He threw his energy drink in the trash. 5:00 finally hit.
He looked at his phone and at her and her perfect brown curls. 9%. He felt exhausted. Barely even enough power to call for reservations. Kelly grabbed her sweater and headed out the door. Without him.
He’d ask her tomorrow.


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