Looking Glass

Dr. Fischer went to the local pet store and bought the angelfish and put it in the tank in his office on August 2nd.

    The angelfish was bred and raised to be put in tanks like these, so it didn’t know what it meant to feel the way the sun cuts the ocean surface or how the currents brush the water. The fish saw lots of things from its glassy outlook, like on August 11th when it saw Dr. Fischer whispering into his secretary’s ear, but it didn’t know what that meant, either.

    There were two other fish in the tank. They were boring but the only other two fish the angelfish ever saw, never the terrifically odd sunfish or the tiger shark or neon clownfish. It did see Dr. Fischer remove the golden band from his finger every morning he came into his office and slip it into his shirt pocket.

    On August 18th the fish felt the vibration of the office door slamming as Dr. Fischer and his secretary left the office at night, just the two of them. It never felt the vibrations of a tuna fish swimming by or the warmth of a sunbeam on the crystal water.

    The angelfish died on a year later knowing what it sounded like for a man to speak into a black rectangular box attached to the wall by a spirally cord and say, “I’m leaving” but not what it sounded like to hear the wind upon the waves.  


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