Someone You Used To Know

He sometimes thought about what he would do if he saw her in a public place, never having met her. He would probably think she was pretty and distant and he could never have her.
She thinks about the same thing. If she saw him across the room, getting coffee, at a bar. She would probably think he’s cute and strong and kind and then write him off into her daydreams with the heartbreak in her lungs.
They’d both be able to breathe again, one day, but never in each other’s arms.


9 thoughts on “Someone You Used To Know

  1. Makes you wonder about how many people that happens to. Happened to me way back in last year of high school. Met the person 20 years later and we both found out that we both had wished we could have gotten together and didn’t for the reasons you state here. Astute.

  2. elisabethkhan

    Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog. I like your writing, very succinct and beautifully expressed. In fact, I’m going to spend some more time here just now!

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