People are going to get you presents.
That’s kind of something you don’t really think about but its going to happen because you were born.
You can think of the future as one big nebulous orb full of unforeseen presents. Your friend Kevin from third grade might remember it’s your birthday and decide he’s going to give you twenty dollars to Starbucks because the suggestion button popped up in his newsfeed.
It’s a guarantee of uncertainty. There’s probably going to be presents that you hate but have to pretend that you like, so there’s that to look forward to. But also someone might get you a car. It could happen. The insurance payment would undoubtedly go up because anything is newer than a 1990 Astrovan but who cares because you got a car. Right? There will be unexpected inbetweens like, hey, let me get lunch today. Does that count as a present?
When the opportunity presents itself. Maybe a box of diamond earrings if you’re into that sort of thing. Maybe a toolbox or a toaster or something boring and useful but it’s going to happen. Maybe it’s a surprise party we already knew about or mom wasn’t good at keeping the hiding space in the closet secret and you peeked. It doesn’t matter. Get ready to be surprised, because you’re all getting presents.


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