Broken Moon

The young rabbit grazed on the ocean grass, silhouette lit by the full moon, making the black hair look gray in the silver light. Its little nose and little whiskers twitched as its mouth hovered speedily over its meal. Its brothers and sisters were somewhere munching in the field, too, but way beyond, still hidden in the more dense thickets of grass. The sea water lapping near their furry paws frightened them. This young rabbit was brave, though, and like the feeling of the breeze on his fur.

Suddenly the rabbit’s head flicked up, whiskers tense. He stood stone still, anticipating. He could sense something, in his tail, through his tiny body. Seconds passed and nothing happened, so he let his guard down, nose bouncing up and down once more as he ate the grass.

Then once again, every muscle in his body tightened. His eyes rose toward the sky.

The moon, ripe and yellow, shrunk. Like a telescope retracting, it wound down, down, waning until it was a pinprick of light in the sky. The ocean trembled and the breeze whipped angrily across its surface.

The pinprick of light in the sky exploded. Confetti ribbons of bright white streamed through the night sky – but only just for a second. Just a second of starlight tendrils, bursting from the dot of light into a terrifying symphony of lights kaleidoscoping through the sky. Then the moon quickly regained its composure and grew back to normal size.

The rabbits hid in their holes and didn’t come out until morning. The few people who had been awake late enough to see the sky on fire were dismissed as crazy or imagining things in their sleep.

But they knew what they had seen. For just a few moments, the moon was broken.


10 thoughts on “Broken Moon

      1. donutsplace

        Hmm……it takes a good Imagination to write a book. I don’t think I could write long ones 😉
        But I liked yours.

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