Some nonsense for the road

Listening to songs about

Moving to a romantic city out there and spreading love across sunrises and sunsets 

Is like grasping at skydivers because 

Life’s a station where stationary is complacent and that boy’s halfway across the nation. Everyone’s chained to their places and wishing never erases 1,000 miles. Or 1,000 smiles at the thought that spring break lasts all year long. A song full of promises, see through rose rainbows straight into lava pits, all of this with no regrets except a tightening of the chest. It’s hard to express how love often forgets. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, maybe then it’s good to wander, into crimson skies where tired eyes turned to say their last goodbyes. A goodbye is hardly over, usually a bad hangover, it’s a heart that’s always sober. Maybe it takes a cold October? Because months pass, pain fades on roller coaster escapades. Everglades? Anywhere where heartaches waves, the ocean sighing starfish blades. If there’s a way to be born and raised, it’s with a shotgun to survive and a map for the ways. Then set it ablaze, where something is is where something stays. 


9 thoughts on “Some nonsense for the road

  1. Wow. I love this and I love the rhythm. Have you ever considered recording yourself reading your writing aloud? This reads like it needs to be performed. This is my first time here at your blog, but it is more like this perhaps you should consider a youtube channel to perform your writing on? Or maybe a podcast.

    this line hooked me “Everyone’s chained to their places and wishing never erases 1,000 miles.”

    1. Thank you! I think that it’s definitely meant to be spoken out loud and I have a few poems to that effect. A podcast would be super fun, wouldn’t know how to get that going but it’s an exciting idea!

  2. Krystal Medeiros

    Wow, “if absence makes the heart grow fonder then maybe it’s good to wander”

    I’m happy I read your article regarding freelance on the Daily Positive.

    Best of luck to you and your writing. Hope to see your name on a local bookshelf one day 🙂

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